Sunday, November 19, 2006

Thomas, I am waiting at this airport to catch the plane that will take me directly to your arms. Is not going to take less than 15 hours to get there, to the spot where I must start looking for you. How will you look like? What will you tell me/answer me? I know nothing but that I am going to your arms. Paris, Frankfurt, Prague, London... I don't know where you'll be. Is it going to be a big city or a small village? Where are you now Thomas?! I need to find you, urgently, I need to touch you, I need to see you.
Give me a hint Thomas! I need to know if I am in the right direction.
This is like dancing Tango, we see each other, we call each other with the eyes, you come, you ask me to dance, I take your invitation, you drive me along the dance floor, you ask me thing, I answer, we talk, but when the music ends we leave each other, we seek another dancing partner, and we dance again and again without making us sick of each other. That is why I long for you Thomas, I never know if there's going to be or not a next dance or when or where it will be.
This is the passion I have for you: your complete and my complete freedom.

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