Monday, May 22, 2006

Because when you got married, my dear friend, he couldn't do do it right and you couldn't behave like a lady. You couldn't behave like a lady, bitch, because you had to get pregnant to get married and to have a house. You didn't even go to the church and dressed in white, like ladies and whores around here do.
The day you got married, you were fat as a cow and that poor baby was kicking to get out and you were having contractions. And now, the first thing you put at the entrance of your happy little nest of love is your wedding picture. If I were you, I'd take it out, I'd rather that people think I am not married than to be seen in a shameful image.
Because he couldn't do it like average, normal and decent people do, to get married and be someone, have a job, have something to offer. He sucked everything he could from his family.
Happy Anniversary once more time, because of these years beeing cheated by him in your own little nest of love and happiness. Because when he takes a woman to the place that's yours too, he fucks around the house and he doesn't even hide the pictures of your son and at the next morning he doesn't even feel a drop of regret.

Congratulations for making everything in the wrong way.
Congratulations for marrying the horniest of men in town.
Congratulations for living with a loser.
Congratulations for beeing a loser.

And many, many, many more happy anniversaries!

So, if you're going to get married, once more in your lifetime, then do it properly! At least: Buy, rent or borrow a decent white dress, wear a nice necklace, spend US 5 to get your hair done, don't get married when you are pregnant, rent him a toxedo and make AT LEAST a coctail with your friends, and of course! get a better kind of husband and parent. (I hope not to fuck him too)
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Somebody else's son

Sorry to tell you this when you're so young kid, but your dad will always disappoint you eventhough he says the opposite to you. Since the day you were conceibed he's been failing to satisfy whatever you would expect from him. Don't believe him, otherwise you'll be hurt and you'll learn about rage. If he hurts you, i'm sure he will, repeating his own history, don't imitate please his life style. You're not my son, you'll never be. I've sometimes hated you and I have helped him to harm you, in a way you can't be touched, but if you'd know it, you'd hate him and you'd hate me too. I'm not your mother, because if I would, I'd be protecting you from him and his undercover malice. He's not trusty, and I think he doesn't even know that he's that way.
If we face someday, I will be still thinking to tell you this.
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Thursday, May 11, 2006

Me gusta verte infeliz. Porque cuando tu eres infeliz, mi felicidad aumenta. Todo es proporcional... I love to hate you.
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I am an average woman. I have nothing too great to show. I am a bipolar depressive woman, sometimes I win, sometimes I lose. Sometimes I am up, sometimes I am down... Who would be interested in such an irregular mind geography?
I like men. That's why I am jealous of my gay friends. They don't care what the hell they're fucking but they fuck.
I am in the big city, but I go out and even though I try and I try there's no handsome men, or nothing enough attractive to say "oh wow...". They're all so dark. I don't know if I hate chilean men or what, but I can't find the point on looking at them.
That's the reason why when i go on the subway or anywhere else instinctivly I look European men, no blonde chilean, I mean REAL European men. There's nothing better thatn fucking an european (except from Spanish, Portuguese & Italians... that's other folder). To be seduced by a french, drinking beer with a German, eating chocolates with a swiss, doing crazy things with an English, admire a descendent from a viking... oh my gosh, I love european men! I can't help it!!!!
To see interesting men, i must go online and visit sites like or similar to at least "see" the picture of that kind of men i think they're so attractive. There's nothing here in the streets, just indians, even though they've got spanish last names. I don't mean to be racist, but the charm of an european won't be reached by a chilean, they want you to pay for the motel, the drinks, they never get money...
I hate the feeling of seeing nothing around here, but there's still hope, there's still one place in the world where I can still find atracive men!
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Saturday, May 06, 2006

Shall I go on looking for you in these crowds? or should i better not wait for you anymore and keep on walking, not worrying if you ever are going to come along?
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Wednesday, May 03, 2006

When my gay friends want sex, they don't care if the guy they're gonna fuck is handsome or if he looks like a monster, or if in fact he is a monster. They don't care about their names, what they do, who they are, and they don't even take the time to know more about eachother or invent better lies about them selves while having a coffee. They don't care if the other one has got crab louses, AIDS, gonorrhea, etc. They don't care if the other one is engaged, mentally ill or both. They don't care if they're gonna fuck in a public bathroom, an elevator, the main square, a park around the city, if there's day light or not, if they're beein monitored or not, if... they just let them selves go with the flow. If there's a look, an offer, a slight interest they just go and fuck to set their desires and sex drive free.
When they want sex they just go to the chat room, they set up an encounter, they look at eachother in a corner, in the exit of the subway station, outside the church, wherever... and they fuck. Just as simple as that and FOR FREE!!!
I wish i could set my sex drive as easy as they do. But we can't. If we meet somebody just to fuck, we go to a pub, we look for the right male (to fuck around with), we want to know their name, what he does, where he lives, where he comes from, what he likes and blah blah blah... all this huge interrogatory just to get laid and then leave or be left.
If we could just be like gay men. If I could just be like my gay friends.